Faculty (by Specialty)

The faculty of the History Department have an array of professional interests. Below are listings of different specialties within the department. Please note that these lists are not exhaustive and that some faculty have interests that cross many chronological and geographical boundaries.

Faculty by Rank

Full Professors

Benadusi, Giovanna Tanasi, Davide Levy, Philip
Decker, Michael Johnson, David K. Francis, J. Michael
Boterbloem, Kees Ottanelli, Fraser Novoa, Adriana

Associate Professors

Mauldin, Erin Stewart Irwin, Julia Perry, J. Scott
King, Matt O'Connor, Adrian Fontaine, Darcie
Connolly, Brian Ramos, Frances  

Assistant Professors

Zaib un Nisa Aziz Yacovazzi, Cassandra L.  

Professors of instruction

Byington, Richard Cali, Denise Knight, Jennifer
Kopytoff, Larissa Perry, John Hauser, Mark
Ellithorpe, Corey    

Faculty by Chronological Focus

Ancient (Pre-500CE)

Cali, Denise Tanasi, Davide Ellithorpe, Corey
Perry, J. Scott    

Medieval (500-1500)

Decker, Michael King, Matt Knight, Jennifer

Early Modern (1500-1800)

Benadusi, Giovanna Boterbloem, Kees Francis, J. Michael
O'Connor, Adrian Ramos, Frances  

Modern (1800-Present)

Byington, Richard Connolly, Brian Hauser, Mark
Mauldin, Erin Stewart Johnson, David K. Kopytoff, Larissa
Yacovazzi, Cassandra L. Novoa, Adriana Levy, Philip
Ottanelli, Fraser Perry, John  Zaib un Nisa Aziz

Faculty by Geographical Focus


Benadusi, Giovanna Boterbloem, Kees Cali, Denise
Decker, Michael Perry, J. Scott King, Matt
Knight, Jennifer Tanasi, Davide Ellithorpe, Corey
O'Connor, Adrian    

Latin America

Novoa, Adriana Ramos, Frances  

United States

Byington, Richard Connolly, Brian Francis, J. Michael
Perry, John Johnson, David K. Levy, Philip
Mauldin, Erin Stewart Ottanelli, Fraser Hauser, Mark
Yacovazzi, Cassandra L.    


Kopytoff, Larissa King, Matt  


Boterbloem, Kees Perry, John Francis, J. Michael
Zaib un Nisa Aziz Kopytoff, Larissa Ottanelli, Fraser