The History Department is proud to sponsor and distribute awards to outstanding graduate students. Below is a description of these awards, their most recent recipients, and an archive of past winners.

Rosemary Moore O'hara award

Rosemary Moore O'Hara was a teacher and historian of American constitutional history. She started a PhD at the University of Minnesota and co-authored a monograph with Herbert McClosky and Paul Hoffman that examined the disparity between the attitudes of party leaders and followers. She taught social studies for two years at Lakeland High School and for twenty-one years at King High School in Tampa. She was responsible for initiating and teaching the Advanced Placement American History courses in Hillsborough County high schools and was most proud of the fact that several of her students later obtained advanced degrees in history.

The Rosemary Moore O'Hara Award is presented annually to honor an outstanding graduate student in history at the University of South Florida.

The 2022 recipient of the Rosemary Moore O'Hara Award is [TBD].

Previous recipients of the Rosemary Moore O'Hara Award

Janet M. Hall 1990
Miles Q. Pennington 1991
Stacy L. Braukman 1992
Yatin Dave 1993
Heather McClenahan 1994
Stephen D. Andrews 1995

Kathleen Howe

Ana Varela-Lago

Scott Richard Rohrer 1997
Sheila B. Cohen 1998
R. Lee Irby 1999
Caitlin Crowell 2000
Gordon K. Mantler 2001

Michelle Alishahi

John Watkins


Dennis Halpin


Kelley Cason


Troy Thompson

Jared Toney

Sean Parrish 2006

Suet Yee Shery Chanis

David M. Stupich



Kyle Burke

Nicole Cox

Benjamin Sperduto 2009
Norse Hutchens 2010

Ashley Buchanan

Andrea Pittard 2012
Danielle Lucas 2013
Keith Simmons 2014

Stephen Naylor

Bradley L'Herrou



Julian Newman Graduate Student Award

Dr. Julian Newman has been a longtime friend and supporter of the University of South Florida. He graduated from New York University in 1954 and in 1958 received a Doctor of Optometry degree from the University of Pennsylvania. He moved to Tampa in 1959, and began his career as an Optometrist. Ever since he was a student, Dr. Newman has been committed to improving the life of unrepresented and disadvantaged groups. In 1953, while at Penn, he advocated for racial integration of fraternities; in 1959, he was the first optometrist to open an integrated waiting room in Tampa; and in 1972 he was one of ten members in the biracial committee approved by the Federal District Court, in charge to desegregate the Hillsborough County Schools.

In spite of a demanding medical career, in the 1960s, Dr. Newman began auditing courses in the English Department at USF, and discovered that he derived a great deal of his own intellectual energy from the classroom. In 2018 he began supporting the History Department with a generous gift. The Newman Endowment Growth Fund will support the research of PhD students studying American history and the history of social change and equality.

The Julian Newman Award is designed to support a full-time History department graduate student. The award was created for a student who plans to conduct research in the field of social change and/or equality, and who intends to use their education to effect social change. Beginning in 2017, this scholarship became the Harry Newman and Julian Newman Award (see below).

Previous recipients of the Julian Newman Graduate Student Award

Ashley Buchanan 2013
Brittany Vosler 2014


Harry newman and julian newman award

Made possible be a generous gift from Dr. Julian Newman, this scholarship is designed to support the winner’s doctoral dissertation research. Eligibility is restricted to students in the History Ph.D. program who have completed their comprehensive exams and who are specializing in American history.

The 2022 recipients of the Harry Newman and Julian Newman Award are Paula Pack and Doug Ponticos.

Previous recipients of the Harry Newman and Julian Newman Award

Lina Chaves and Josh Taylor 2017
Paul Dunder and Aaron Lewis 2018
Charles Harris and Hanna Lipsey 2019
Shannon Bruffett and Michael Losasso 2020
Doug Benner and Scott Miller 2021
Paula Pack and Doug Ponticos 2022