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  • Vahid Valikhani, "Unveiling Estrangement: The Ambivalence of Iranian Cultural Identity in Documentary Films"
  • Melonie Falconer, "Slot Machine Addiction: The Untold Story of Contradictions Between Self and America's Neoliberal Risk Society"
  • Thomas Goodchild, "From Displacement to Intersubjectivity: A Phenomenology of Sound in Classic Film Noir"
  • Michael Raines, "The Rust Belt Gothic: Charting the Affective Politics of Deindustrialization and the Emergence of a Great Lakes Horror Genre in Film"
  • Meredith Donovan, "The Boundaries of Melodramatic Film Music: Redefining Home through the Score of Douglas Sirk’s All That Heaven Allows"
  • Everrett Barnett, "Zeros and Ones: Digital Video Aesthetics and Geopolitical Economy in Blackhat"


  • Blythe Creelan, "Erasmus on 'Charm and Distinction': Gems as an Analogy for Dualistic Value in the Adagia and the Republic of Letters"
  • Breanna Lee Hansen, "Selective Framing and Narrative as Anthropocentric Agents in Yellowstone: America's Eden"
  • Annabelle Naudin, "Losing the Streaming Wars: What Netflix Loses in Television Narrative and Participatory Fan Cultures"
  • Enya Silva, "From Counter Strike to Counterterrorism: How The Cheater Reconigures our Understanding of Asymmetric Warfare."
  • Aditya Sudhakaran, "Motherhood in the Multiverse: Melodrama and Asian American Identity in Everything Everywhere All at Once" 


  • Will Beaman, "Digital Realness: Reading Subversive Intimacy in Contrapoints."
    Catherine Brown, "Complex Identities: Putting Casey Plett's Fiction in a Trans and Religious Studies Context."
  • Thomas Chaplin, "Ambient Athleticism: Politicizing Akira's Accelerationist Olympiad"
  • Mark Fredericks,"Harmony of Difference: Theorizing Rashid Johnson's New Universalism in the Grid's of Antoie's Organ"
  • Emily Gregoire, "Pronk Poppenhuis: Establishing and Destabilizing Agency Among Seventeenth-Century Burgher Wives in the Dutch Republic"
  • Jaqueline Merveille, "Queering the Weeki Wachee Mermaid and its Renewed Aesthtic Value"
  • Michael Taber, "Visions of Entanglement and Escape: Invisible Voice in the Films of Terrance Malik and George Lucas."
  • Brooke Weltch, "The Hybridization Place between the Garrison an Wilderness in Mary Rowlandson's 1682 Captivity Narrative."


  • Alan Blanchard, ''Montage Music Videos: Racial Utopianism vs. Abstract Cowboys and the Question of Cultural Montage"
  • Christopher Cotabile, "The Value of Sleep: Aura and the Aesthetics of Cohabitation in Juha Lilja's Digital Revision of Warhol"
  • Richard Dyer, "Threatened by the Outback: Landscape ad Ecology in the Australian New Wave"
  • Huadong Fan, "Restarting Plural Modernity: The Lyrical Tradition of the Hometown in Kaili Blues"
  • Dairine Hoban,"Bad Bunny's Purplewashing as Gender Violence in Reggaeton: A Feminist Analysis of "Solo de mi" and "Yo perro sola."
  • Haiyu Wang, "Four Hollywood Adaptations of Little Women: Identifying Female Subjectivity in Characters, Plot, and Authorship"

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