About the Program

The Humanities and Cultural Studies department offers three graduate degree programs:

M.A. in Liberal Arts, American Studies

The American Studies track offers students the opportunity to study the social relations and cultural patterns that have both unified and divided Americans over time. Topics include popular and elite cultures; the material and technological foundations of American society; and the values, ideals, and lifestyles of ordinary people as well as those of recognized historical figures. Students learn how to analyze a broad range of texts, including literature, art, film, and material culture, for evidence of these patterns in American life and culture..

M.A. in Liberal Arts, Humanities

The Humanities track offers an interdisciplinary approach to the study of European, American, and Latin American cultures. Classes integrate interpretations of the literature, arts, and music of each cultural period with an understanding of their social and historical contexts.

M.A. in Liberal Arts, Film Studies

The Film Studies track helps students to develop the knowledge and critical skills needed to address film as a unique artistic medium and form of cultural expression. Coursework includes both classes devoted exclusively to film and classes examining film in a broader interdisciplinary context.

Other Information

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Complete descriptions of degree requirements are available here in the USF Graduate Catalog.

These three remaining tracks are run independently by separate departments that the Humanities and Cultural Studies Department works closely with to promote interdisciplinary degree options. They can be found below, along with who to contact to receive more information.

Africana Studies: Dr. Nicolas Thompson
Florida Studies: Dr. Christopher Meindl

If you have any questions about the M.A. in American Studies, or M.A. in Liberal Arts tracks, please e-mail the Graduate Advisor, Dr. Maria Cizmic