Alumni News


"The class gave me a solid foundation to enable me to pursue my doctorate at the University of Missouri School of Journalism. The faculty encourages invigorating discussions and offers strong support to its students. The journalism program at USF St. Petersburg is a jewel and an experience not to be missed."
Susan Willey, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Journalism at Florida Atlantic University, 1995 graduate

"Graduate school has been the most personally rewarding chapter of my life. It is a tremendous challenge as well as great fun! The depth of understanding and renewed appreciation for journalism’s place in our society is applicable in every aspect of my return to the newsroom."
Marilyn Brown
Reporter, Tampa Tribune, 1999 graduate

"People who have been in the profession a long time don’t necessarily want to take graduate level how-to courses. But they might want to contemplate journalism’s current role in our world, its stature as a powerful element in society and the way it wields its influence. The USF program offers a chance to hop out of the trenches and reexamine what it is that we’ve spent our lives doing."
Jon Wilson
Reporter, St. Petersburg Times, 2003 graduate

"When I first began attending graduate classes at USF, I had almost 25 years of experience as a journalist. I had taught journalism at a state university. So what could I learn at USF? A lot. Journalism is a profession in which you grow stale fast if you’re not challenged. USF offered me the challenges. The courses sharpened my thinking on the foundations of our craft."
John Sugg
Senior Editor, Weekly Planet

"Most of us don’t read journalism theory or study law and ethics, scientific research methods or new techniques in storytelling after we leave college. My time at USF offered me an updated and insight that I could never have gained alone and would dearly miss if I had not gone through the Journalism Studies program."
Espen Reiss Mathiesen
Reporter, Stavanger Aftenbald, Stavanger, Norway, 1997-98 Fulbright Scholar, 1999 graduate

"The law and ethics classes at USF St. Petersburg were informative and interesting. It’s rewarding to know I’m able to apply the things learned in those classes to the rigorous task of feeding the 'daily beast.'"
Muriel Tracy Watts
Copy Editor, Times-Picayune, New Orleans, La., 1998 graduate

"I have much to be thankful for… I finally got my dream job!! And thank you very much for the counsel, support and education you gave me!"
Ayumi Hattori
Reporter, Washington D.C. Bureau, TV Asahi, 2008 graduate