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Erika Goines

Adjunct Professor





Dr. Erika Goines is an Adjunct Professor at the University of South Florida, where she brings her wealth of knowledge and experience to the field of digital media and technology in education. With a strong educational background, including an EdD in Curriculum and Instructional Technology from the University of West Florida, an MA in Digital Journalism and Design from the University of South Florida and an MS in Public and Corporate Communication from Florida State University, Dr. Goines is a dedicated educator and researcher.

Her journey in academia has been marked by her commitment to teaching a diverse range of courses in the field of Digital Media Programs. Dr. Goines is passionate about shaping the next generation of digital media professionals and has a proven track record in delivering high-quality education.

In addition to her teaching role, Dr. Goines holds the prestigious position of Director of Broadcasting for WKGC 90.7 FM, a public radio station, where she oversees the transmission of informative and engaging content to the community. Furthermore, she manages The Alternation HD3 and the Center for Student Media, providing students with valuable opportunities to develop their skills and contribute to the media world.

Dr. Goines is a dedicated educator and researcher who is also deeply involved in community service and leadership. Her numerous accolades, including the Robert E. Tinney Professor of the Year and the Frank W. Eiseman Outstanding Academic Advisor Award, reflect her exceptional dedication to her students and the broader community.

Dr. Goines' skill set extends beyond the classroom, encompassing proficiency in programming languages, applications, and platforms essential to the digital media landscape.