Clinic Policies


As with any other service provider, such as your family physician, the PSC charges for its services. However, fees for services at the PSC are very reasonable compared to those often charged in the community and are computed on a sliding-scale basis designed to reflect income and/or "ability to pay in a fair manner." After consideration of the income resources available, you will be informed of the assessed fees at the time of the initial telephone intake interview, which will vary within the range of 15 and 50 US dollars per 50-minute therapy session.

The PSC also offers a range of specialty assessments (e.g., neuropsychological or psycho-educational assessment). Fees charged for Assessment-only services also depend upon income, as well as type or complexity of the assessment (e.g., Psycho-educational, ADHD/ADD, learning disability, advanced academic placement). You will be told of the fee assessed at the time of the initial telephone interview. Note that 50% of the quoted fee must be paid at the first meeting in the clinic as a deposit for services prior to beginning the formal assessment.

Brief socio-emotional evaluation: $200 (Child Behavior Check List/Teacher's Report Form/Children's Depression Inventory/Diagnostic Interview Schedule for Children or Personality Assessment Inventory/Beck Depression Inventory)

Gifted Assessment: Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children/Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale - evaluation ranges from $100 to $400

Learning Disability or ADHD: evaluation ranges from $200 to $700

Learning Disability and ADHD combined: ranges from $250 to $850

Group therapy services (e.g., DBT group) operate similarly to therapy services with a $15 fee per group session.

Fees should be paid at the time the service is provided. Please note that we accept cash (exact change only - we are unable to make change) or check for payment. Your cooperation in this matter will make the process run more smoothly and is highly appreciated!