Becoming a Client

Make an Appointment

The first step to becoming a client is making a call to our clinic at (813) 974-2496 during operating hours. On that call, we will work with you to schedule a complimentary 45 min telephone interview with one of our trained staff. This phone interview will help us to learn a little more about you and the reasons you are seeking services at the Psychological Services Center (PSC).

What to expect during the brief initial phone interview:

  • You will be asked about yourself (e.g., age, living arrangements)
  • Your family, social, medical, and psychological history
  • Your reasons for seeking services at the PSC
  • Once completed, you will be advised as to whether you will be placed on our waiting list. You may also be given information for other services you might consider. This interview will also help us to decide how best to serve your needs.
  • Depending on the length of our waiting list and the specific services being sought, new clients may experience waits of 2 - 4 weeks or more prior to being seen.