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What is the ECORE System?

The Environmental and Conservation Outreach, Research, and Education (ECORE) System unifies the Forest Preserve, Botanical Gardens, and GeoPark under one leadership team within the College of Arts and Sciences to enhance support for faculty, student, and community needs. The ECORE System was established to manage and promote the botanical and environmental assets associated with these properties.

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News...This Weekend

spring plant festival flyer 24

The Botanical Gardens' WILDLY popular Spring Plant Festival is coming up this weekend and it's been featured in Creative Loafing's "Do This" weekend activities coverage. Join us and thousands of others to walk the Gardens and snag plants you didn't even know you needed!

Wetland Ecohydrology

Photo from the research (Figure 2.11)

In "The Peculiar Nature of Florida’s Sandhill Wetlands, Ponds & Lakes— Their Ecohydrology, Relationship with the Regional Aquifer & Importance within the Landscape", Nowicki discusses their research in the USF Forest Preserve and other wetlands habitats.

In the News...A New Role

 Image of ECORE Director Nicole Brand walking in the Forest Preserve. Photo by Dave Decker.

"[Nicole Brand] became director of USF’s Environmental Conservation Outreach, Research, and Education (ECORE) System. Her job, in short, is to be a steward for not just the preserve, but also the USF College of Arts & Sciences’ popular botanical gardens, and the GeoPark."