Where We Are

ECORE Properties

map of the USF campus highlighting the greenway.

The USF Greenway is the stretch of land from the southwest corner of campus that is home to the USF Botanical Gardens, to the northeast corner beyond central campus, where the USF Forest Preserve sits (not pictured). The USF Greenway is essential to stormwater management for the Tampa campus. Through a series of green space, ponds, and canals, water flows out of central campus and into either the USF Forest Preserve or the USF Botanical Gardens that bookends the USF Greenway.

In addition to stormwater management, the Greenway is a network of trails and green spaces that connect various areas of the campus and provide a safe and enjoyable place for students, faculty, and staff to exercise, relax, and connect with nature. All current ECORE System properties are a part of the USF Greenway.

The Greenway also serves as a living laboratory for research and education. The natural ecosystems and biodiversity found within these spaces provide opportunities for students and researchers to study and learn about the environment, ecology, and sustainability.  

Managing the different properties under the ECORE System allows the USF Greenway to thrive. By preserving the beauty of the USF Forest Preserve and hosting collections in the USF Botanical Gardens, the ECORE System is making a greener USF.