6th GPC Conference

Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine: Implications for the Central Region

December 8, 2022 • Patel Center for Global Solutions

The University of South Florida (USF), in partnership with the Near East and South Asia Center for Strategic Studies (NESA) and the U.S. Central Command (USCENTCOM), is proud to sponsor the sixth conference on The Great Power Competition (GPC). The GPC forum brings strategic thinkers, scholars, leaders, and subject matter experts to discuss, collaborate, and facilitate an understanding of the most pressing issues facing the United States at the operational and strategic levels. 

The conference will focus on threats and challenges confronting U.S. national security and policy, particularly in the Central Region, due to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. We will explore critical questions facing the U.S. in the wake of this seismic shift in the region: How will the conflict affect the great power competition, and what happens after the Russian invasion? How will it influence Russian and U.S. strategy and foreign policy in the Middle East and Central Asia? Where did the U.S. fall short in the Global Competition, and how can we fix it? What are the best ways to counter narcotics and transnational organized crime? And finally, we will deep dive into understanding better the human dynamics and alternative futures of the great power competition over the next decade.