Research and Scholarship

Black Life Research and Scholarship

USF Institute on Black is committed to furthering the research and scholarship of Black Life local, national and international; to create a space for the voices of faculty, students, and community members. 


IBL has created a fluid database of USF faculty members who have conducted or are researching Black Life to help further collaboration on knowledge production. The database includes names of faculty members, their key area of study, and an email to contact.

Other USF research Centers

Center for Brownfields Research and Redevelopment

The Center for Brownfields Research and Redevelopment at the University of South Florida was established in 1998 by an act of the Florida Legislature (Florida Law, Ch. 240.5321). Our mission is to leverage interdisciplinary scientific expertise at the University of South Florida to inform outcome-driven research on environmental toxicants, land use legacies, community health, environmental justice, and sustainable and equitable development.  

USF Heritage Research Lab

The Heritage Research Lab's mission is to develop applied research projects in collaboration with people, communities and civic organizations interested in preserving and promoting heritage as a key cultural resource for education and empowerment of all community residents and visitors.