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Annual gifts in support of the Humanities Institute have a major impact on developing innovative programs that not only reach those on the USF campus, but residents all across the Tampa Bay region.

There are several key areas where the Humanities Institute is trying to build support:

High Impact Practices:

These are powerful educational tools developed by the Association of American Colleges & Universities (AACU) with proven results in increasing rates of student retention and engagement. The Humanities Institute's goal is to focus on two High Impact Practices: Undergraduate Research and Internships.

Undergraduate Research:

Conference student panel

Engaging undergraduate students in research lets them experience the excitement of working to answer important questions and seeing their results presented in impactful ways. While STEM fields traditionally lead the field in undergraduate research, the Humanities Institute hopes to help close that gap by providing critical funding and exposure for students majoring in the humanities.


Learn more about our annual Undergraduate Humanities Conference.


Intern filming a video

An important form of experiential learning, internships allow students to gain professional experience in a work setting prior to graduation. When students participate in internships at the Humanities Institute they learn budgeting, event planning, graphic design, social media management, and other skills related to working in non-profits and higher education administration. For those majoring in the humanities it also provides an opportunity to put their degree to work and gain valuable experience in their field before entering the workforce.

View the "Meet the Fellows" video filmed and edited by one of our Fall '21 interns, Erin, to introduce the 2021-22 Faculty Fellows cohort.

Student Travel Funding:

Student Ryan G

Presenting original research at academic conferences is a major achievement for a student at any level of their education. For undergraduates, it gives them a major advantage when applying to graduate programs and for graduate students, presenting research is an expected part of their scholarly activity. Unfortunately, the cost associated with attending even a small conference can be a financial burden. The Humanities Institute hopes to raise enough money to make travel stipends available to both graduate and undergraduate students who have been accepted to present their original research at a national or international conference.

Read sophomore Ryan Grabau's success story about presenting his research at Oxford University in summer 2018.

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