Support ISLAC’s Mission and Events

It is central to ISLAC’s mission to promote and organize events at USF that inform USF students, faculty, staff and the Tampa Bay community at large about issues of relevance to Latin America, the Caribbean, and Latinos/as in Tampa, Florida, and the US. ISLAC has a long history and a very successful tack record of promoting and organizing book launches, information sessions on current topics such as migration, and mini-conferences that bring together experts from different parts of the world so they can share their knowledge with all of us. ISLAC has a special fund, which we use to pay for the cost of transportation and hotel for foreign and out-of town experts and refreshments served at our events. By donating to this fund, you help us make these events possible. All donations are tax deductible!

If you want to donate to ISLAC to support our students, academic program or research, please do so in this page:



Meet our USF - CAS Development Team in case you have any questions.

Meet our USF - CAS Development Team