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We are glad to announce the publication of new book titled: "Gender and Mobilities in present times" in Portuguese (Gênero e mobilidades no tempo presente) with chapters in both Portuguese and Spanish, edited by our ISLAC Director Dr. Padilla in collaboration with Dr. Glaucia de Oliveira Assis, and Dr. Thais França published by TODAPALAVRA Editorial.

You can download this publication right here






 The SoL (Status of Latinos) Scholarship was established by the USF Presidential Advisory Committee Status of Latinos. ISLAC is glad to announce that we had two recipients in the following categories for this academic year 2021: 

USF SoL Faculty Award Recipients 2021. Winner Dr. Beatriz Padilla

USF SoL Student Award Recipients 2021. Winner MALACS student Glenda Maria Vaillant-Cruz

ISLAC is very proud of this recognition. We want to continue strengthening the Latinx community on the USF campus. 

More about this event:

Hispanic Heritage Month

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, ISLAC has been involved in several events, talking about our academic programs as well as sharing knowledge about Latin America, the Caribbean and Latinos in the US. 

September 15, 2021, ISLAC shared a table with Alianza Latina Faculty and Staff Association in the Bull Market. This event was organized by the Office of Multicultural Affairs, to celebrate the beginning of Hispanic Heritage Month. 


ISLAC was also present at the 14th Annual Latin Fest, September 30, 2021, held at MSC. Dr. Beatriz Padilla and Andrea Cetre Castilblanco presented about Latin American and Caribbean dances. The event was organized by the Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority and the Lambda Theta Phi Latin Fraternity and attended by many students as well as several USF Latinx organizations. 


Finally, we had the opportunity to be part of the Patio Tuesday in the MSC Amphitheater, introducing ISLAC to USF students and other bystanders. 


Part of ISLAC mandate is to engage the Latinx community, so now more than ever, ISLAC is contributing to making our community visible and recognize our achievements.