Schedule Lab Use

General Information

Schedule a Consultation

Lab users interested in carrying out digitally-driven research and incorporating 3D scanning into courses are encouraged to schedule a consultation with a member of Access 3D Lab’s staff. The consultation is a time to discuss project goals, instrumentation needs, data processing timelines, training opportunities, and ideas for hands-on projects and courses.

Schedule Training

Access 3D Lab offers training and workshops in 3D data capture and 3D data processing, for individuals, groups, and courses. Basic instrument training is generally spread out over three to five days, and consists of 10 to 20 hours of hands-on scanning or photogrammetry work. Due to certification requirements, Access 3D Lab does not offer drone training, though certified users can reserve our drone for research projects.

Reserve Equipment

Access 3D Lab allows equipment to be taken out of the lab and off campus, with certain restrictions. All users must be trained on the equipment, and must assume responsibility for any damage to the instrument that is not covered under the manufacturer’s warranty. All off campus projects must complete an off campus form, and an Asset Management Off-Campus Permit is required for all items over $5,000.

Reserve Lab Space

Access 3D Lab has several spaces that can be reserved for digital research and teaching: (1) The 3D Lab, with six desktop workstations, a Promethean screen and Activtable for 3D visualization, and several 3D data capture studios; (2) The CMC 102 Classroom, with 24 desktop workstations configured for 3D data processing, a Promethean screen and projector; (3) A Conference Room with space for up to eight people; and (4) A flex office space.