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Access 3D Badges

Students with gold badges

Recipients of the @Access3D Gold Badge

Access 3D lab's badging program prepares students to enter the workforce with armed with applied technology skills and independent research experience. Our badges are issued through Badgr and authenticated in Canvas, and can be exported via open badging sharing platforms. Students can link to their badges directly on LinkedIn and other social media sites. Badges can also be displayed on personal websites and eportfolios by simply pasting the embed code.  


@Access3D Bronze Badge

To earn a Bronze Badge, you must attend an introductory lecture, complete 4-6 hours of hands-on training, and submit a 250 word essay about data capture to Canvas. This essay should include a summary of the key components of scanning, and a journal entry detailing the training activities you participated in.



@Access3DLab Silver Badge

To earn a Silver Badge, you must complete 25 hours of scanning, and submit a daily journal to Canvas, with a minimum of 5 entries. The journal entry is a space to record metadata about your scan project, and also to discuss the scanning process as it unfolds. You should write a minimum of 3-4 sentences each day. Consider the challenges you face and how you address them on your own, or as part of a team. You may also use this space to reflect on how 3D scanning impacts scientific interpretation and communication, and make connections between this scanning project and other areas of interest. Think creatively! 


@Access3D Gold Badge

To earn a Gold Badge, you must independently complete a 3D model of a site, structure or object. There is a minimum of five hours of processing time required; therefore, multiple models may be required. The finished model should be uploaded to Sketchfab ( In addition, you must submit a 500 word Project Summary to Canvas, which discusses object(s) scanned and reason for selection, scanning method(s), and plans for dissemination or future research.


USF Career Services Badges

The work you put in for your Access 3D Bronze, Silver and Gold badges can be used toward earning a Career Services Technology badge. To do this, you must attend a “Digital Badging with Career Services” presentation at USF Library. You can register online. Visit the Career Services Badging Program website for more details.