Research and Teaching

Fee Schedule

USF faculty and students without funding

The resources and facilities at Access 3D Lab are free for USF faculty, students and researchers that do not have a grant-funded project. To schedule a consultation, reserve equipment or schedule training, please refer to the Schedule Lab Use page.

Cost sharing for USF faculty and students

Under the terms of the Access 3D cost sharing agreement, USF faculty and students with grant-funded projects may use 3D instrumentation free of charge, but they should incorporate a minimum of $100/day for technical assistance into their grant budget. 

External organizations

Access 3D Lab offers access to high-end 3D virtualization equipment that would otherwise be unavailable to many organizations and companies, due to their high cost and maintenance fees, along with the need for technical expertise. The fee schedule for external organizations includes fees for instrumentation rental, and a technician fee to cover Access 3D Lab staff assistance with data capture and data processing. For more information, email Laura Harrison.