Mission & Goals

The mission of The Institute for Russian, European and Eurasian Studies (IREES) is to advance knowledge and understanding of Russia, Europe and Eurasia. The Institute promotes interdisciplinary research and teaching in several key areas, including: politics and international affairs, global and national security, media and journalism, and literature and the arts. 

The Institute’s goals include:

KNOWLEDGE BUILDING: To improve fundamental understanding of the region, to promote dialogue between international scholars and professionals, and to enhance research and educational opportunities for USF students in various fields;

SKILLS BUILDING: To expand employment opportunities for USF students who are interested in careers where the region is highly relevant, including diplomacy and national security, the arts, international business, media and journalism, and public health;

COMMUNITY BUILDING: To enrich the intellectual, economic and cultural life of the Tampa Bay community by bringing together people who seek to better understand the region and its impact on world affairs.