Study Abroad

 Faculty-led programs:

These programs vary from 1-10 weeks over the summer, spring break, and intersessions, and are led by a USF faculty member on-site. These programs are designed and facilitated by USF, providing students with direct USF course credit.

Currently, there are no plans to offer a faculty-led program in Russia in 2021 but we are working with the Education Abroad office and academic units to develop a short-term intersession program focusing on the Russian history and culture in 2022.

 Affiliate programs:

These programs are organized by recognized study abroad providers or institutions with which USF has signed contracts/affiliation agreements. They significantly expand the opportunities available to USF students, both in terms of destinations, as well as subject matter. Generally, students take courses with other US-based students, and often with local students.

These programs offer transfer credits. They must first be approved by the student’s academic department and given a USF equivalent course code. Students can use our Course Search to see if the courses they wish to take abroad have already been granted a USF equivalency. Students can search by program, country, foreign course code, or even USF course equivalent. The Course Search is a database of courses that have already received equivalencies, but if there is a course a student wants to take that is not in the Course Search they may still be able to do so.

USF’s Affiliate Programs for Russia are currently offered by two major Affiliates:

 Non-Affiliate programs:

These are programs administered and supervised by a third-party organization, with which USF does not have an affiliate agreement. All non-affiliate programs must be reviewed by the Risk and Safety Office at USF World. Students will not be cleared to travel until their application has successfully undergone a review and been approved the Risk and Security Office at USF.

Non-affiliate providers that offer study abroad programs in Russia include but are not limited to:


  1. For both affiliate and non-affiliate programs, USF charges an administrative cost but otherwise all other costs associated with the program would be paid directly to the non-USF organization or university. Just like with affiliate programs, the academic credit associated with the program would come from another institution and would be transferred into the student's USF record after the transcript is received at the USF Education Abroad Office.
  2. Course equivalencies for non-affiliate programs would not come up in the Course Search. Students would need to work with their academic advisors and relevant departments to obtain equivalencies.
  3. Non-affiliate programs are not eligible for financial aid. Affiliate programs normally would but since every student’s financial aid situation is different, you will need to speak to a USF financial aid advisor for your specific situation. More information is HERE.
  4. To apply for any affiliate or non-affiliate program in Russia, you would need to complete an application form on the provider’s website AND USF’s travel registration form.

General Affiliate Program travel registration is here.

Non-affiliate process description and registration form is here.

Scholarships and funding information is here.

 To make an appointment with a study abroad advisor, please contact the Education Abroad team at