USF-USSOCOM Forum on Russian, European and US Security (REUSS)

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The REUSS Forum is a collaboration between the USF Institute on Russia and US Special Operations Command J-3 International. The J3-International division hosts special operations representatives from 26 nations and its mission is to enhance interoperability, strengthen alliances, and advance partnerships across the global Special Operations Forces enterprise consistent with the US National Defense Strategy and Commander USSOCOM priorities.

The Forum on Russian, European and US Security brings together an international group of academic and military professionals for a transatlantic conversation on timely and critical issues in global security. 

The theme of the 2021 REUSS Forum was Russian disinformation. If you missed any of the offered sessions, you can watch the video recordings below.

SESSION 1: "The History and Challenge of Russian Disinformation"

SESSION 2: "Social Media and the Russian Disinformation Ecosystem"

SESSION 3: "Strategies for Combatting Disinformation"

SESSION 4: "Comparing Russian and Chinese Influence Campaigns" 

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