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PhD candidate Wesley White provides a perspective on what the GOP could learn from Russian history in The Washington Post

Dr. Kulakevich shares her expertise on and insight into the complex dynamic among Moldova, Transnistria and Russia, which is key to understanding Russia’s military interest in the region in The Conversation.

Dr. Kulakevich discusses politicization of Belarusian diaspora in Eurozine (also in German in dekoder)

Dr. Kulakevich highlights 3 reasons Belarus is helping Russia wage war against Ukraine in The Conversation

Dr. Kulakevich talks about 5 things to know about why Russia might invade Ukraine – and why the US is involved in the The Conversation

Dr. Tatsiana Kulakevich breaks down the migrant crisis on the Belarus-Poland border in The Conversation

Dr. Kulakevich discusses the need by the West to stop Russia enabling Lukashenko's terror in Belarus in The Conversation (published ast the lead article)

Dr. Kulakevich analyzes whether jailing the opposition is a great way to win in her article for The New Eastern Europe

Dr. Boterbloem explains why Putin interferes in the affairs of Ukraine and other neighbors for The Apostrophe  (in Russian) 

Dr. Alexopoulos comments on authoritarianism in Russia for the USA Today

Dr. Kulakevich discusses the consequences of secret inauguration in Belarus in The Conversation

Dr. Kulakevich explains how Europe’s last dictator could fall in The Conversation

Dr. Alexopoulos comments on Russia's Constitutional Vote for The Tampa Bay Times

Dr. Kulakevich explains what to expect from the presidential election in Belarus in The Washington Post

Dr. Kulakevich explains why the Belarusian government has been ignoring the Covid-19 pandemic in The Washington Post

 Dr. Kulakevich comments on why the United States is defrosting ties with Belarus for The Globe Post