Your Degree

Anatomy of Degree

Anatomy of a Degree

The Anatomy of Your Degree

Your degree

At the core of every degree are general requirements, including credit hours, foreign language, summer hours, and a minimum GPA.

Your Major

Your major requirements are the heart of your degree. They include both lower- and upper-level classes that will focus on your area of study.

General Education

General Education courses form the foundation of a degree. These courses are set by both the State of Florida (State Mandate) and USF (Enhanced Gen-Ed). They cover a wide range of topics from English to social sciences to math to ensure students receive a well-rounded education.

By the credit hours

  • 120: Total Degree requirement (The national minimum to earn a Bachelor’s degree)
  • 42: Upper-level requirement (The minimum to earn a Bachelor’s degree at USF)
  • 9: Summer requirement (The minimum number of hours to complete across all your summers at USF)
  • 30/60: Residency requirement (30 of your last 60 must be completed at USF)