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USF Catalog

The USF Catalog is a document outlining the university policies, procedures, and degree requirements. It is important for students to know and reference the catalog as it is the official word on everything related to the university.

Students are admitted under a specific catalog based on their admit term. Each catalog starts in the fall semester and ends in the summer semester, covering an entire year. Changes in policy are reflected in the new year's catalog, which may impact a student's degree.

You can review select degree-related policies using the links below.

Civics Literacy

The Civics Literacy Requirement, mandated through the State of Florida, requires that students have a working understanding of US government and history.

Foreign Language Requirements (FLENT and FLEX)

All students at USF must meet the Foreign Language Entrance (FLENT) requirement. However, some degrees will require also the completion of the Foreign Language Exit (FLEX) requirement. Check with your major advisor if you are unsure whether you will need to meet FLEX.

General Education Requirements

The purpose of general education requirements is to provide students a well-rounded education that touches on all aspects of science, society, and art. These requirements are a combination of state regulation and university curriculum. All students at the university must complete the general education requirements as outlined by their specific catalog year.


Students must complete some of their credit hours over the summer semesters. These credits can be completed at any Florida Public University and can be in-person, online, or through direct-credit Study Abroad programming. However, taking courses at a State or Community College will not satisfy this requirement.