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Josué Robles Caraballo

Research Faculty in Architecture and Urban Design
Phone: (813) 974-4031
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Josue Robles Caraballo, a faculty and research associate with the USF School of Architecture and Community Design. Josue received a Masters in Architecture from University of South Florida and acquired a Masters in Building and Urban Design Development from the Bartlett, University College London.

Since, Robles Caraballo has been employed as an architectural designer by Mesh Architecture, Halflants + Pichette, Studio for Modern Architecture, Thinking Development London, and SchenkelSchultz Architecture assisting in several housing, public, education, and civic projects.

At SACD, he serves as the Co-Director of the Urban and Community Design master’s program. Josue has conducted urban and community development research projects for St Petersburg’s Planning & Development Department, Aberdeen’s City Council in Scotland, Florida Home Partnership. Critically confronting socio-spatial challenges of local and international communities, while illustrating the cultural capital of communities in route of development. In parallel, Josue has taught architectural and urban design studios in London, Aberdeen, Bogota, San Juan, Denver, Chicago, Merida, St. Petersburg and Tampa. Robles Caraballo’s graduate studios challenge current design practices, while inducing regenerative and enabling design solutions for the built environment. He has also taught urban activation design-build studios for the Tampa Housing Authority, Tampa Bay AIA, New Life Village, and Gobioff Foundation. Installations have been featured in St. Petersburg’s Museum of Fine Arts, Straub Park, Ybor City, and Encore District in Tampa. The urban Installations rethink social engagement and questions environmental patterns of underutilized locals, creating memorable spaces for urban interaction. In addition, Robles Caraballo has directed Sponsored Affordable Housing Design Projects for Escambia Finance Housing Authority, Florida Home Partnership, and Celebrate Outreach. Sponsored research focusses in attainable, equitable, and socially enabling homes along the states of Florida.

Research Activity


Selected Publications and Recent Research

  • Collaborative Urban Path: Aberdeen. Ongoing Collaborative Aberdeen City Council, Scotland. 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2020.
  • Ruskin’s Downtown Masterplanning, Ruskin Community Development Foundations, 2020.
  • Design Build Urban Activation Installation: Interactive Garden. New Life Village, and Gobioff Foundation, 2020.
  • Design-Build Urban Activation Installation at Encore. Tampa Housing Authority. 2020.
  • Courtyard Multi-Family Development. Florida Home Partnership, 2019.
  • Design of Homes for Veterans Experiencing Homelessness. Celebrate Outreach, Ongoing since 2016.
  • A Walk of Urban Rooms: 4th Street South. City of St. Petersburg 2017.
  • Melrose Mercy: Housing Development. City of St. Petersburg. 2016.
  • St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Arts: Exploring Public Engagement. 2015.
  • Re-thinking St. Petersburg 175 + 275: Planning for Development. 2015.
  • Affordable Housing, Escambia County Housing Finance Authority, 2015.
  • Designing for Vertical Inclusion                                                                                           SummerLab, London. Constructing Healthier Urbanism. 2018 Published by: The Bartlett UCL.
  • Depoliticizing Verticality
  • SummerLab, London. Constructing Healthier Urbanism. 2017 Published by: The Bartlett UCL.
  • Integration of Vertical Communities                                                                                   SummerLab, London. Localizing Legacies. 2015 Published by: The Bartlett UCL.
  • Challenging the Politics of Vertical Communities Via Collaboration                             SummerLab, London. Localizing Legacies. 2014 Published by: The Bartlett UCL.
  • Contested Urbanism in Dharavi. Writings and projects for the resilient city. London, U.K. 2013 (Worked Featured) Published by: The Bartlett UCL.