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School of Architecture & Community Design

USF College of The Arts

Student Events

SACD Open House and 10x10 Alumni Presentations

Interested in the work of our students? Want to learn more about architecture? The USF School of Architecture & Community Design welcomes you to join us at our Open House. Held at the end of every fall and spring semester, all studios are arranged in a gallery-like exhibit of student work from the semester. Included with the Open House is a 10x10 event, where 10 SACD graduates present their current work in 10 images each.

Attended by students and faculty, family and friends, prospective students, alumni, local design professionals and more, the Open House is a great opportunity for the community to not only experience the talent of SACD students, but to also see what architecture can do.

SACD Annual Beaux Arts Masquerade Ball

SACD students and faculty dress up for a night of celebration in this fun creative event. Jointly organized by two SACD student organizations (the American Institute of Architecture Students and the Architecture College Council), the SACD Beaux Arts Ball has been an established tradition for more than 20 years.

All School Meeting

SACD kicks off every fall semester with the All School Meeting. Held the first Friday of classes, students, faculty, and staff gather for introductions and information. Study abroad programs and other important initiatives are presented, student organizations share about their mission and upcoming events, and guest lecturers for the SACD Lecture Series are announced.