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Two people sitting a desk next to each other. Close up on their hands with one typing on a laptop and one pointing with a pen to budget numbers on a piece of paper on a clipboard.


In Fall 2022, the University of South Florida launched an initiative to assess and design a new value and incentive driven university-wide budget model and approach that balances the budget and builds on the culture at USF.

Stakeholder engagement, feedback, and iteration are at the forefront of USF’s Responsibility Center Management (RCM) redesign efforts. The Budget and Financial Analysis Office is the primary resource to help campus understand the new budget model and train users on how to best leverage incentives.

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Planned Budget Model Redesign Timeline

Planned Budget Model Redesign Timeline illustrating Fall 2022-2027, outlining Phases 0-4 of the USF Budget, including (Phase 0: Initial Work by USF, Phase 1a: Initial Bidget Model Design, Phase 1b: Modeling Support, Phase 2: Socialization and Infrastructure Development, Phase 3: Parallel Year Monitoring and Refinement, Phase 4: Hold Harmless Period and Go Live).