Travel & Accounts Payable

Vendor Maintenance

The Vendor Maintenance Team maintains the vendor database in FAST. The Team adds new vendors and updates vendors that currently exist in FAST. Updating vendors includes reactivating inactive vendors as well as entering any changes to vendor records. Vendor Maintenance also prepares the annual IRS 1099-MISC forms for vendors.

New Vendor Request Process

The New Vendor Request process is to be used for adding vendors that are not currently in FAST as well as for reactivating vendors that are in FAST but are currently inactive. Please do not email or attach W-9, W-8 or ACH forms for the New Vendor Request process. Advise the vendor to send these forms directly to

Reactivating Inactive Vendors

If a vendor exists in FAST but is inactive, a New Vendor Request form must be submitted in order to reactivate the vendor. Please refer to the New Vendor Request Process and instructions above.

Updating a Vendor

Do not email W-9, W-8 or ACH forms as backup for vendor updates. For changes to vendors' ordering/physical addresses, names, banking information and tax IDs: email For remittance address changes: no action is needed; the AP Payment Processors will have the remittance address updated during the payment process.


Please send an email to for questions regarding 1099-MISC forms.

USF Blank W-9 Form For Vendors


Questions regarding Vendor Maintenance may be directed to