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Utilizing over 40 years of actuarial data, industry experience and engineering resources, SU Group provides tailored programs offering customized solutions for maintaining equipment.  SU delivers the most innovative, flexible and comprehensive equipment maintenance management program (EMMP) available today.  Our program converts eligible contracts into one easily manageable agreement saving you valuable time and money while assuming the financial risk.  Consistency, convenience, control and cost savings are only some of the many features our clients benefit from!

On average we can save you 10-20% off cost while maintaining the same level of coverage and using the same provider (including propriatary maintenance)! 

How to Order:

Contact our rep to request a quote or arrange a presentation for your area or department and learn how you could be saving money on equipment repairs.


MYTH #1: SU ONLY focus on servicing your instruments cheaply
FACT: SU’s program offers discounts while maintaining high-level service required to operate effectively and efficiently. Proposals offered by SU are based on costs and coverages as defined by the current agreements. SU’s program is “vendor of choice” which
allows the end user to select their service provider and even specify a preferred technician.
2017 Data: 99% of service requests received by SU dispatch were transferred to the customer’s preferred service provider. Of those, 88% were sent to and completed by the OEMs.

MYTH #2: Response time is much longer from vendors
FACT: Vendors are still expected to provide high-level service and meet all industry standards/manufacturer specs when maintaining SU clients’ equipment as they would under a direct agreement. New service requests (W/O prepaid M/C) are billable events, which provide an incentive to respond quickly (additional revenue). Vendors may threaten worse response times since they are at risk of losing lucrative maintenance contracts, BUT any delays in service are created by the service vendor as an attempt to force a direct agreement.

MYTH #3: SU don’t work well with vendors.
FACT: SU has established long-lasting business relationships with equipment service vendors and manufacturers nationwide to best serve and support our clients.

MYTH #4: SU Services don’t include PMs. 
FACT: SU matches the terms, conditions, and coverages of the current contract. As part of SU’s EMMP, PM notifications and monitoring can be provided.

MYTH #5: Customers can’t contact the vendor directly anymore. 
FACT: SU customers have the ability to maintain direct contact with the OEM’s or their preferred service providers as they would if they were under contract directly with the manufacturer.


Deanna Davis, Market Specialist
Ph: 800 558 9910 ext. 2717

Elaine Wilson, Business Manager
Ph: 800 558 9910 ext. 2123

Contract Information
E&I Cooperative  EI00298
Contract Term: 06/01/2023-05/31/2028