Records Retention

Records Retention

The University of South Florida is required under Florida Statutes, Public Records Act, Chapter 13 and 257 to systematically identify, store, destroy or transfer on a consistent and regular basis for the management of records. The Florida Department of State, Division of Library and Information Services, Records Management Program provides the General Records Schedules for the proper retention and destruction of records. Purchasing Services maintains the record schedules.

The offices of vice presidents, deans, directors, division chiefs and department or office heads are responsible for insuring that all records under their jurisdiction are covered by retention schedules established in accordance with the State of Florida Public Records Disposal Procedures, and such schedules are followed in the management of records.


The Public Records Act defines "public records" in terms of physical characteristics. In legal and/or official documentation relationships, it also defines "agency" as an inclusive listing of State, local and special government officials and organizational elements subject to the laws and regulations pertaining to public records. The legal basis for the custody and disposal of public records and for public access to these records is also established.


The Records Management and Archives Program of the State of Florida is established under the direction of the Division of Library and Information Services (DLIS), Department of State.