PCard Training

FST 108: Cardholder Training Index

About This Training

All persons who wish to obtain either a new PCard or a renewal PCard must take FST 108 PCard holder training. This is a classroom course available for signup through GEMS Self-Service.  The training information here is meant to provide instruction and review afterward.

Part 1: Where to Use PCard | Applying for PCard | Important Info | Credit Limits | Responsibilities 

Part 2: PCard Security | Lost or Stolen Cards | Escalation Process

Part 3: PCard Receipt Requirements | PCard Statement Package Requirements

Part 4: Restricted Purchases

Part 5: Competitive Quotes | Best Practices | PCard Charge Reconciliation | Travel Purchases | Supplier Diversity

Part 6: Misuse | Additional Information

Part 7: Viewing Charges in FAST | Monthly Cardholder Activity Statements | Export Control Regulations