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About This Training: This online training supplements the in-class training received when you register through GEMS Self-Service.

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Note: Travel transactions go directly into the Travel module and are not reconciled through these procedures. Contact the Travel Department for more information.

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Reconciler is a USF System employee who confirms/approves appropriate PCard use and reconciles the Cardholder receipts to the electronic PCard transactions. Reconcilers add required information to PCard transactions and approve them for electronic payment.

Verifier is a USF System employee who is a Reconciler, but does not have the final approval role in the reconciliation process. This optional PCard role allows a department the ability to add an additional level of security in the processing of their department PCard transactions.

A Cardholder cannot be a Reconciler and approver of their own transactions, but can be a Verifier of their own transactions. All Cardholders will be loaded on their account in a 'View' role to monitor transactions and print their statements in FAST.

Reconciler Responsibilities

IMPORTANT: If a Reconciler or Verifier feels that he/she is being pressured to approve what he/she believe is an inappropriate transaction in violation of USF System PCard policies, procedures and regulations, he/she may contact the USF System PCard Manager, the USF System Director of Purchasing or the USF System University Controller for University Audit and Compliance. This section also applies to other USF System employees who may believe inappropriate transactions using the USF System PCard have occurred.

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