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spend reporting for usf departments

 Increasing Utilization of Diverse Businesses at USF

  • When purchasing goods, professional services, supplies and construction services on behalf of USF, include diverse businesses when getting quotes and making vendor selections.
  • Make a true "Good Faith" effort. (USFOSD defines a "good faith effort" as being what a reasonable person would determine is a diligent and honest effort under the same set of facts or circumstances.)
  • For all procurements with diverse businesses, please track and report spend using the form below. For construction projects, tier 2 reporting is required.
  • If you need assistance in finding a diverse supplier, visit the Find a Vendor page or contact the Office of Supplier Diversity at



spend reporting for prime contractors

 Reporting Tier 2 Spend with Sub-Contractors

  • Submit diverse business spend monthly, by email, to the office of supplier diversity at:
    • *If no there is no data to report for the monthly reporting period, please enter all zeros
  • For questions or concerns contact the Office of Supplier Diversity by phone to 813-974-5052 or by email at