External Vendors Ask...

How do I register to do business with the University of South Florida?.

Vendors should first register with USF's purchasing department by submitting the vendor application form and required attachments.

I am a registered vendor with USF, is there anything else I need to do?

Yes. USF's Office of Supplier Diversity encourages all minority, women, veteran and service-disabled veteran businesses to connect directly with USFOSD by submitting the USFOSD Certified Supplier form, along with your business's capability statement and all federal, state, city or other recognized certifying body certifications.


What certifications are recognized by the University of South Florida?

USF recognizes the following certifications:

Minority-Owned Business Enterprise (MBE)
Women-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE)
Veteran-Owned Business Enterprise (VBE) or (VET)
Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business (SDVOB)
Small Business Administration 8(a) (SBA 8(a))
Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)

For more information, visit the Recognized Certifications page.

Who do I need to get certified by?

Qualifying small-, minority-, women-, veteran- and service-disabled veteran-owned businesses should be certified by one of the following certifying entities: Florida State Minority Supplier Development Council (FSMSDC), Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), State of Florida Department of Management Services (DMS), U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA), Department of Veteran Affairs (VA), and Florida's Department of Transportation's (FDOT).

For more information, visit the Recognized Certifications page.


What are the eligibility requirements for certification?

General qualifications for certification through the State of Florida's Department of Management Services, the state's office of supplier diversity, include 51% or more ownership of firm by a qualifying minority, woman or veteran, control of the business enterprise, and U.S. citizenship among others.


Where can I find more information about USF's current opportunities?

More information about USF's current business opportunities can be found in the Find Opportunities page and under "Additional Purchasing Resources" in Register with USF Purchasing.

How do I contact USF buyers?

USFOSD has compiled a listing by department and college of contacts. This information can be found under Find a Contact at USF. We encourage you to use this information strategically to introduce yourself and your business.


What can the USF Office of Supplier Diversity do for my business?

The USF Office of Supplier Diversity is here to help you by connecting your business directly to relevant University buyers. USFOSD will share your business capability statements and profiles with USF departments and colleges, share information with you regarding vendor fairs and educational resources, and spotlight selected diverse businesses via Facebook and Twitter, as well as on the Office of Supplier Diversity website.

How can I find out the latest news and events from USFOSD?

Connect with USFOSD on social media by following and liking our page on Twitter and Facebook. You will receive all the latest news and information on upcoming events, as well as helpful tips and resources

How can USF buyers find me?

USF buyers can find you if you have been added to the USFOSD Certified Supplier database. To be added you need to submit the USFOSD certified supplier form and the required documentation.


USF Buyers Ask... 

What is supplier diversity and why is it important to USF?

Supplier diversity is a proactive business strategy that seeks to provide suppliers equal access to sourcing and purchasing opportunities. This is important to USF because this positions the University to continue to create a platform of economic growth and development for the diverse business community in the Tampa Bay region. In addition, a diverse supply chain affords USF access to vendors who are proving they can provide better pricing, products and service offerings, in some cases, and also helps USF's supply chain better reflect the demographics of our community.


How can I increase utilization of diverse businesses at USF?

By considering a diverse business before making any purchase – big or small. Make a true "Good Faith" effort in including diverse businesses when getting quotes and making vendor selections.

Find a Vendor in our diverse vendor database. Vendors are categorized by goods, services and construction with specific sub-categories.

For more information or assistance in finding a vendor, visit or contact USFOSD directly at: 813-974-5052.

I have just purchased goods or services from a diverse business, do I need to report it?

For all procurements with a diverse business, please track and report the spend using the Spend Reporting Form. For construction projects, tier 2 reporting is required. For more information, visit here.

There's a specific good or service I need and want to consider using a diverse business, but can't find a vendor that offers what I need in the vendor database, what do I do?

Let us know! Email with a description of the goods, services or project you require and any vendor requirements you may have. USFOSD will work to find a diverse vendor that fits your needs. Allow for 72 hours to process your request

I don't make big purchases - just small PCard buys - do I still need to consider using a diverse business? 

Yes! Every purchase you make from $1 to $1 million matters. With your help we can positively impact economic growth and development for families and communities right here in Tampa Bay.

For more information, visit Benefits of Supplier Diversity

How can I support the USF Office of Supplier Diversity?

Your support is invaluable! Help us get the word out to your fellow USF teammates about the USF Supplier Diversity initiatives and let's make an impact together. Also, if you come across a great diverse business, let us know! We want to spread the word about them throughout USF and with your help, we can increase our diverse business utilization substantially.

Also, don't forget to connect with USFOSD on Twitter and Facebook to be informed of the latest news and developments of USF's supplier diversity program