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Submit a Study Request

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Please review the following to determine if you can use the lab:

  1. Is the researcher affiliated with USF?
    • No – contact Rob Hammond, the lab business director
    • Yes – continue

  2. Is this human behavioral research?
    • No – no support
    • Yes – continue

  3. Is the research intended for publication?
    • No – no support
    • Yes – continue

  4. Is the researcher working with a Muma College of Business co-author or faculty advisor (for PhD students)?
    • No – no support
    • Yes – continue

Submit a Study Request

The lab will accept requests three (3) times a year – once for the Fall, Spring, and Summer semesters, respectively.

Researchers can make up to five (5) study requests each semester. The lab management team will review each request and follow set criteria to develop equitable allotment of time across researchers. If demand exceeds capacity, for example, the lab will prioritize each researcher’s top request before moving onto secondary requests.


  1. Each study must have a USF IRB-approved protocol prior to the scheduled collection date.

  2. PhD students must have a Muma College of Business faculty member listed as ‘key personnel’ on the approved protocol

  3. Studies should take no longer than 20 minutes to complete.

  4. The lab is best equipped to handle data collection for ~200 participants (or less) per study.

  5. Participants will complete several studies during either thirty (30) minute online sessions or one (1) hour in-person sessions. The order of studies within each session is not guaranteed.

  6. Please reach out to the lab team if you have any special requests.


Vist the Bulls IRB homepage

  • Tip 1: You should specify that you will collect data in the ‘Center for Marketing and Sales Innovation Lab’.

  • Tip 2: You will want to specify each member of the lab team in your protocol as ‘key personnel’ if you want the lab team to administer data collection. Otherwise, you (or members of your research team listed on your protocol) will need to be present during data collection. The lab team members are: Carter Morgan, Luke Liska, and Samuel Sekar.

  • Tip 3: You will need to specify the use of any of the unique technology in the lab (e.g., eye-tracker, facial expression analysis, GSR) in your protocol.

  • Tip 4: When creating a written consent form, try to keep the form to 1-page (front and back) by reducing text size, eliminating extra spaces, etc. This will help make the data collection process efficient.

  • Tip 5: If you are creating a protocol to collect data in the lab for the first time, please reach out to the lab team who can provide additional tips to help guide you through the process.

Keep in mind that a study conducted in the lab typically needs an approved ‘HRP-503a Social Behavioral’ protocol. Researchers can find more information about the IRB and submit a protocol for approval by visting the Bulls IRB homepage.

Please reach out to the lab management team with questions or concerns at