Women and Leadership Initiative

Mentorship Program

Students need strong mentors to help them transition into leadership roles in their chosen industries. The Mentorship Program offered by the Women and Leadership Initiative will assist graduate (MBA and MAcc) students in complementing their academic knowledge with insights gained from prominent Tampa Bay leaders.

Through the Mentorship Program students will:

  • Learn how to respond strategically to opportunities and challenges
  • Develop strategies for professional, academic, and personal success
  • Access to valuable networking opportunities
  • Gain knowledge about how to become a successful corporate leader

2019 Program Details

The college encourages mentors and mentees to have their first meeting in November or December. In January or February, the college will hold a professional development seminar for mentors and mentees. The program concludes in late April with a celebration event.

Meeting Frequency and Type

Students and mentors meet quarterly, though some pairs meet more frequently. Meetings may occur in person, on the phone, or through online applications such as Microsoft Teams or Google Hangouts.

Continual Improvement

To ensure the program is operating well and meeting goals, staff conduct pre- and post-surveys and a mid-program quick phone call to check-in.


Lisa Yacso