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College faculty who apply their expertise to research regarding gender issues are eligible for financial support courtesy of the Women and Leadership Initiative. Two research projects are funded each academic year.

In the 2021 calendar year, WALI will provide two research awards of $5,000 each to support
research focused on Women of Color and Leadership. View application

The Economic Impact of Domestic Violence

Partnering with Community Action Stops Abuse, researchers from the Muma College of Business analyzed local and national economic data on costs of medical care, emergency housing and lost wages as a result of domestic violence. They calculated and combined those figures with the 6,228 incidents of domestic violence that were reported in Pinellas County in 2017 – eight of which were fatalities – to end up with the overall figure. Read more

Work-Life Balance

Working women are increasingly faced with demands from managing a career and a family. Working couples regularly negotiate work-family responsibilities and make decisions. These negotiations/decisions are theoretically and practically meaningful, yet we have limited understanding of how these processes take place. Further, work-family decision-making is often regarded as a source of gender disparity in the workplace (e.g., Shockley & Shen, 2016; Allen et al., 2016). An understanding of how men and women’s negotiation experiences differ may shed light on why gender-laden work-family decisions emerge. The goal of this study is to understand the process of negotiating and decision-making between dual career couples. This is an inter-disciplinary project that attempts to incorporate innovative data analysis and visualization techniques to investigate the negotiation process of a work-family conflict at a fine-grained level.

This research project is led by Chris Chen, and is supported by a WALI grant of $7,500.