The USF MBA program was first established in 1965, just nine years after the university was founded. Since then, the college has grown to offer 15 graduate programs to meet demand for highly educated, agile, professionals who can adapt to ever-evolving industry change. The curriculum is grounded in creativity and analytics to better prepare the business leader of tomorrow, not just today.

The Muma College of Business is prepared to help students develop further as a business leader who can take on the challenges of Industry 4.0. The graduate business programs have been consistently ranked for the student services provided, challenging relevant curriculum, research, and placement of students in professional positions. The college boasts dual accreditation in business and accounting through AACSB International.

With the consolidation of the three USF campuses, the Muma College of Business has a physical presence across the Tampa Bay region where graduate business students will have access to a variety of resources, regardless of where they are taking classes or live. 

What is the difference between an MBA and a specialized Master's degree? 

An MBA program  is a general graduate business degree where the focus is on a multi-disciplinary understanding of business, analytics, and leadership skills. By developing well-defined skill sets in the foundations of business, students will become adaptable business leaders who seek solutions through data-driven decision making. To help students blance their workplace, home and educational obligations, the Muma College of Business offers flexible weeknight, weekend, full-time, and online programs.   

A specialized master's degree is a focused degree in one functional area of business which develops students into industry-specific subject matter experts. The graduate business school offers 10 master of science options that span every area of business. These specialized master's degrees integrate collaboration, case studies and cutting-edge technology.  Small class sizes cultivate challenging, industry-specific, conversations.

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Global Approach

The Muma College of Business empowers graduate students to be agents of change in their community, industry, and world. USF offers many programs that are open to all USF students.  Additionally, the business school encourages students to engage through different levels of international engagement. These include full semester exchange programs, short term study abroad options, and international internships.


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Education Abroad offers a variety of study abroad options for students and faculty in more than 25 countries. These include semester exchanges, dual degree programs, summer and short-term programs, international internships, and service learning. Programs range from one week to one year and generally award academic credit toward one’s degree.


Students are provided funding opportunities to mitigate study abroad costs. Florida and federal financial aid may be used by students participating in a USF-sponsored study abroad program. Students also have access to study abroad scholarships.