Course Permit - For Graduate Business Classes

What is a Permit?

Many graduate-level courses are restricted for a certain time period to students in certain programs. After the program students have been given sufficient time to register, others are given the opportunity to register for open seats, if they meet the criteria required to take the course. To obtain permission to take the course, you must request a permit.

Other courses are restricted due to pre-requisite requirements requiring a permit to register. In some cases, a message in Schedule Planner indicates a permit is required. In other cases, students will receive an error message stating "Pre-Reg/Test Score Error," or "Class Restriction."

Limited-Access Programs

Note that courses in certain limited-access programs are not available to students outside of those programs at all. These restrictions are clearly stated in the Schedule Planner. If you request a permit for those course sections, you will receive an automated response that indicates that you requested a permit for a section that is fully restricted and, thus, your request has been denied.

Who Should Complete this Form?

This form is only to be used by the following students:

  • Muma College of Business graduate students taking graduate courses (5000 level or above) to be used toward their graduate degree
  • Muma College of Business MS in BAIS students taking the pre-requisites for the BAIS program (ISM 3113, ISM 3232, ISM 4212, and ISM 4930)
  • Graduate students in degree programs and certificate programs in other colleges who wish to take courses in the Muma College of Business.
  • Non-degree-seeking students who wish to take graduate-level Muma College of Business courses


If you are seeking an undergraduate course permit for any other Muma College of Business courses, please go to the correct site as follows: 


Important Info

  1. It is your responsibility to confirm that the course you are requesting a permit for will count toward your degree. Prior to submitting this request, ask your advisor if the course will count toward your degree.
  2. All permit requests are subject to review, approval, and availability. Completion of this form does not guarantee you a seat in the course section you are requesting a permit for. It is wise to have a backup plan.
  3. We recommend requesting the permit as soon as you know you want to take the course, to be earlier in the queue.
  4. Some course sections are restricted to limited access and/or cohort-based programs. Permits will not be issued for these sections unless you are in the applicable program. (OMBA, EMBA, EBAIS, SEM, INTO)
  5. You must submit a permit request form for each course for which you need a permit.
  6. After completion of this survey, you will receive an email confirming the request was received. Allow up to two hours for the confirmation email to arrive.

Timeline for Permit Issuance

If a permit will be granted, it will be issued based on the following schedule for Summer and Fall 2024 courses:

Summer Permits

  • April 15 - summer permits for other Muma and certificate students

  • May 16 - summer permits for other populations

Fall Permits

  • July 29 - fall permits for other Muma and certificate students
  • August 19 - fall permits for other populations

If you have any questions, please contact the person listed in the confirmation email you will receive.