Information Systems Concentration


Why consider a PhD concentration in Information Systems?

  • The domain: Information Systems and Information Technology have had tremendous impact on business, society and even everyday life. In the world of business, IS and IT continue to make profound impact on other business functions such as strategy, finance, marketing and operations. If you have the passion for technology, the ability to conceive of fundamental and interesting questions in this space, and the willingness to learn and use scientific methodologies that will help you rigorously answer these questions, then a PhD with a concentration in Information Systems might be of interest to you.
  • Challenging career: If you have accomplished everything you wanted to accomplish within a relatively short time and still crave for more, then an IS PhD concentration may just be the right choice for you. You will be trained to be an independent thinker, ask (and answer) difficult questions, solve seemingly intractable problems, and spend a lifetime of continuous learning.
  • Academic freedom: A PhD in Business Administration with a concentration in Information Systems will give you the opportunity to design your own projects, assemble your own team of experts, work on your own schedule, and use your own preferred choice of methodologies. In addition to making impact as a researcher, as a university professor you will also get to design and teach undergraduate and graduate courses in Information Systems, thereby helping to train and develop future generations of IS professionals.


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    School of Information Systems & Management
    Muma College of Business
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