Information Systems Concentration



Deepti Singh, California State University, Long Beach

Impact of Health IT on Practice of Medicine
Advisors: Shivendu Shivendu (Co Major Professor), Manish Agrawal (Co Major Professor), Kellas Cameron, Padmaja Ayyagari, Sajeev Varki

Naif Alawi, Umm Al-Qura University, Makkah, Saudi Arabia

The IS Social Continuance Model: Using Conversational Agents to Support Co-creation in Teams
Advisors: Gert Jan de Vreede (Co Major Professor), Triparna de Vreede (Co Major Professor), Dezhi Yin, Dirk Libaers, Balaji Padmanabhan, Grandon Gill

Avijit Sengupta, UQ Business School, Brisbane

Designing a Health Coach-Augmented mHealth System for the Secondary Prevention of Coronary Heart Disease
Advisors: Kaushik Dutta (Major Professor), Alan Hevner, Balaji Padmanabhan, Shivendu Shivendu, Theresa Beckie

Kimia Keshanian, University of Tampa

Designing Targeted Mobile Advertising Campaigns
Advisors: Kaushik Dutta (Major Professor), Balaji Padmanabhan, Manish Agrawal, He Zhang, Nasir Ghani


Saurav Chakraborty, University of Louisville

Developing Agent-Based Models to Study Financial Markets

Advisors: Don Berndt (Co-Major Professor), Balaji Padmanabhan (Co-Major Professor), Wolfgang Jank, Sagar Samtani, Jianping Qi

Gaurav Jetley, Colorado State University

Complexities of Data, Tasks and Workflows in Health IT Management

Advisors: He Zhang (Co-Major Professor), Shivendu Shivendu (Co-Major Professor), Balaji Padmanabhan, Jared Williams

Agnieszka Onuchowska, Private Sector

Analysis of Malicious Behavior on Social Media Platforms Using Agent-Based Modeling

Advisors: Don Berndt (Co-Major Professor), Alan Hevner (Co-Major Professor), Wolfgang Jank, Sagar Samtani, Georg Burruss


Vivek Singh, University of Missouri- St. Louis

Essays on Cloud Computing Analytics

Advisors: Kaushik Dutta (Chair), Jared Williams, Balaji Padmanabhan, Shivendu Shivendu


Onkar Malgonde, Northern Illinois University

An Effectual Approach for the Development of Novel Applications on Digital Platforms

Advisors: Alan Hevner (Chair), Balaji Padmanabhan, Rick Will

Utkarsh Shrivastava, Western Michigan University

Analytics for Novel Consumer Insights (A Three Essay Dissertation)

Advisors: Wolfgang Jank (Chair), Daniel Zantedeschi, Balaji Padmanabhan, Dipayan Biswas, Kaushik Dutta


Onochie Fan-Osuala, Assistant Professor, University of Wisconsin 

Essays on Crowdfunding: Exploring the Funding and Post-funding Phases and Outcomes

Advisors: Wolfgang Jank (chair), Balaji Padmanabhan, He Zhang, Terry L. Sincich


Hasan Nuseibeh, Private Industry

An Information and Communication Technologies for Development (ICT4D) Decision Framework for Building an Information Economy in Developing Countries: The Case of Palestine

Advisors: Alan Hevner (chair), Rosann Collins, Donald Berndt, Jamil Jreisat

Raneem Saqr, Initial Appointment: King Abdulaziz University

Blind and Visually Impaired Users Adaptation to Web Environments: A Qualitative Study

Advisors: Anol Bhattacherjee (chair), Rosann Collins, Alan Hevner, Balaji Padmanabhan


Lina Bouayad, Assistant Professor, Florida International University

Analytics and Healthcare Costs (A Three Essay Dissertation)

Advisors: Balaji Padmanabhan (chair), Kaushal Chari (co-chair), Terry L. Sincich, Wolfgang Jank

Daphne Simmonds, Professor, Metropolitan State University

Information Technology & Sustainability: An Empirical Study of the Value of the Building Automation System

Advisors: Anol Bhattacherjee (chair), Norman Johnson (co-chair), Walter Nord, James Ellis Blanton

Arash Barfar, Assistant Professor, University of Nevada at Reno

Predictive Analytics of Organizational Decisions and the Role of Rationality

Advisors: Balaji Padmanabhan (chair), Alan Hevner (co-chair), Terry L. Sincich, Wolfgang Jank


Amy Connolly, Assistant Professor, James Madison University

The Use and Effectiveness of Online Social Media in Volunteer Organizations

Advisors: Anol Bhattacherjee (chair), Joni L. Jones (co-chair)

Matthew Mullarkey, Director of DBA program, University of South Florida

Inter-Organizational Social Network Information Systems: Diagnosing and Design

Advisor: Alan Hevner

William Murphy, Private Industry

Informing Systems, Interventions, and Innovations

Advisors: T. Grandon Gill (chair), Richard Will (co-chair), Donald Berndt, Harvey Hyman, Jerry W. Koehler


Shankar Prawesh, Assistant Professor, Indian Institute of Technology

Applications of Agent Based Approaches in Business: A Three Essay Dissertation

Advisors: Balaji Padmanabhan (chair), Kaushal Chari (co-chair)


Khalid Alhayyan, Assistant Professor, Institute of Public Administration

Economic Culture and Trading Behaviors in Information Markets

Advisors: Rosann Collins (chair), Donald Berndt (co-chair)

Devon Finch, Health Research Science, James A. Haley Veteran's Hospital

TagLine: Information Extraction for Semi-Structured Text Elements In Medical Progress Notes

Advisor: Donald Berndt

Harvey Hyman, University of South Florida, Tampa

Learning and Relevance in Information Retrieval: A Study in the Application of Exploration and User Knowledge to Enhance Performance

Advisors: Richard Will (chair), Manish Agrawal (co-chair)


Jay Jarman, Courseware Developer, Atlassian, Adjunct Professor, East Tennessee State University

Combining Natural Language Processing and Statistical Text Mining: A Study of Specialized Versus Common Languages

Advisor:  Donald Berndt


Varol Kayhan, Associate Professor, University of South Florida St. Petersburg

Contribution to and Use of Online Knowledge Repositories: The Role of Governance Mechanisms

Advisor: Anol Bhattacherjee

Delmer Nagy, Assistant Professor, Tarleton State University

Understanding Organizational Adoption Theories Through the Adoption of a Disruptive Innovation: Five Cases of Open Source Software

Advisors: Rosann Collins (chair), Walter Nord (co-chair), Manish Agrawal, Richard Will, Donald Hardaway

Areej Yassin, Assistant Professor, Yarmouk University

Organizational Information Markets: Conceptual Foundation and an Approach for Software Project Risk Management

Advisors: Alan Hevner (chair), J. Ellis Blanton (co-chair), Terry L. Sincich, Richard Will, Richard Will


James McCart, Research Health Science Specialist, U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs

Goal Attainment On Long Tail Web Sites: An Information Foraging Approach

Advisors: Donald Berndt (chair), Balaji Padmanabhan (co-chair), Joni L. Jones, Richard Will


Carolyn Holton, Professor, Southeastern University

The Impact of Computer Mediated Communication Systems Monitoring on Organizational Communications Content

Advisors: Rosann Collins (chair), Richard Will (co-chair)

Gary Poe, Department Coordinator and Associate Professor, Grambling State University

Privacy in Database Designs: A Role-based Approach

Advisors: Rosann Collins (chair), Donald Berndt (co-chair)

Johan Perols, Associate Professor, University of San Diego

The Impact of Computer Mediated Communication Systems Monitoring on Organizational Communications Content

Advisors: Kaushal Chari (chair), Jacqueline L. Reck (co-chair), Uday S. Murthy, Manish Agrawal


Monica Tremblay, Associate Professor, College of William & May 

Uncertainty in the Information Supply Chain: Integrating Multiple Health Care Data Sources

Advisor: Donald Berndt


Madeline Domino, Associate Professor, Georgia State University

Three Studies of Problem Solving in Collaborative Software Development

Advisor: Alan Hevner

Michael Douglas, Associate Professor, Millersville University

The Impacts of the Handoffs on Software Development: A Cost Estimation Model

Advisor: Alan Hevner

Michael Harris

Using Emergent Outcome Controls to Manage Dynamic Software Development

Advisor: Rosann Collins

Timothy Klaus, Associate Professor, Texas A&M at Corpus Christi

An Examination of User Resistance in Mandatory Adoption of Enterprise Systems

Advisor: James Ellis Blanton 

Sandra Newton, Associate Professor, Sonoma State University

The Information Technology Professional's Psychological Contract Viewed Through Their Employment Arrangement and the Relationship to Organizational Behaviors

Advisor: James Ellis Blanton


Cynthia Le Rouge, Assistant Professor, University of Washington

Assessing the Quality of Telemedicine Systems: High Technology Service Encounters

Advisor: Al Hevner

Stephen Wingreen, Associate Professor, University of Canterbury

A Social Cognitive Interpretation of the IT Professional's Person-organization Fit and Its Relationship to Organizational Commitment, With a View Toward the IT Training Climate

Advisor: James Ellis Blanton


John Fisher, Assistant Visiting Professor, University of North Carolina Charlotte 

Creating False Memories: Temporal Reconstruction Errors in Data Warehouses

Advisors: Alan Hevner (chair), Donald Berndt (co-chair)

Bruce Hungerford, Assistant Professor, Dalton State College

Formal Technical Reviews of Diagrammatic Artifacts in Software Development: A Cognitive Study

Advisors: Alan Hevner (chair), Rosann Collins (co-chair)


Creggan Gjestland, Professor, Saint Leo University

Applying cognitive skill acquisition theory to the training needs assessment of information technology professionals: An initial study

Kenneth Trimmer

Cross-functional teams, conflict and information systems development


Christopher Conca, Associate Professor, Mount Olive

The Technology Acceptance Model revisited: The potential influence of context and task effects on information technology usage predictions

Gina Green, Associate Professor, Baylor University

Examining the Impacts of Development Involvement and IT Diffusion Environments on the Diffusion of Software
Development Techniques

Advisor: Alan Hevner


France Belanger, Professor, Virginia Tech

Distributed work arrangements: impacts of advanced information technologies, coordination mechanisms, and communication patterns


Diane Bartlett, Retired

The impact of form of participation, issue importance, and domain competence on users' desire to participate in system development decisions

Dianne Jordan, Private Industry

Information systems development: An investigation of leader behaviors, communication competence, and communicator style as predictors of project leader effectiveness

Thomas Scambach

Maintaining professional competence: An evaluation of factors affecting professional obsolescence of information technology professionals


Geoffrey Hubona, Visiting Associate Professor, Texas A&M International University

Designing user interfaces to knowledge-based systems: An empirical investigation of information presentation and mental representations in human-computer problem-solving

Janette Moody, Associate Dean and Professor, The Citadel

An empirical evaluation of the cognitive interview for elicitation of episodic knowledge during expert systems development

Advisor: James Ellis Blanton