About the College


We emphasize creativity and analytics to promote student success, produce scholarship with impact, and engage with all stakeholders in a diverse global environment.

Vision Statement

Transforming minds: Transforming business. We aspire to be internationally recognized for developing business professionals who provide analytical and creative solutions in a global environment.

Strategic Priorities

  1. Distinctive identity
    Business Analytics and Creative Solutions
  2. Research with Impact
    We will contribute to the body of knowledge via innovative and interdisciplinary approaches to creating useful insights for a range of organizations.
  3. Student success
    We will equip our students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become analytical and creative problem-solvers, thereby allowing them to add significant value to their employing organizations. We will focus on honing students' skills through innovative pedagogical approaches and experiential learning opportunities.
  4. Business engagement
    We will partner with businesses worldwide to seek and provide ideas, solutions, and intellectual capital. With strong business relationships everyone wins: students, business and faculty.
  5. People
    We will reach our full potential only if our people are motivated, committed, and engaged. We strive to create and sustain a healthy work environment that values passion, accountability, personal development, openness, and collaboration.
  6. Global Literacy and Impact
    We will foster relationships promoting international faculty and student exchanges. We will strengthen our relationship with businesses, our study abroad offerings, internationally delivered programs and attract quality international students to our college. Our students' global literacy will be increased through the incorporation of global issues into the curriculum.