Master of Science in Management



The Program requires a minimum of 30 hours of coursework and may be taken either full-time or part-time. Early in the first semester, a student and the academic services administrator will work together to complete a formal Program of Study that will define a coherent sequence of courses to satisfy the students objectives. Students may choose the concentration or the general path with completion of electives.

Core courses

The following four courses provide a solid understanding of state-of-the-art research and practice covering the primary areas in the domain of Management.


Students may select from one of the following Concentrations:

Project Management Concentration (12 credit hours)

Select 12 credit hours from the following:
MAN 6448  Negotiating Agreement and Resolving Conflict (3 credits)
MAN 6601  International Management (3 credits)
MAN 6145  Managing Creative Projects (3 credits)
MAN 6930  Principles of Collaboration (3 credits)
MAN 6930  Contract Management (3 credits)
ACG 6026  Accounting Concepts for Managers (3 credits)

Human Resources Concentration (12 credit hours)

Required Courses for this Concentration:
MAN 6305 Human Resource Management (3 credits)
MAN 6930 Employment Law (3 credits)

Choose 6 credits from the following courses:
MAN 6448 Negotiating Agreement and Resolving Conflict (3 credits)
MAN 6601 International Management (3 credits)
MAN 6204 Organization Design and Structure (3 credits)
MAN 6930 Principles of Collaboration (3 credits)

Management Information Systems Concentration (12 credit hours)

Required Courses for this Concentration:
ISM 6124 Advanced Systems Analysis and Design (3 credits)
ISM 6218 Advanced Database Management Systems (3 credits)

Choose 6 credits from the following courses:
ISM 6156 Enterprise Resource Planning (Pre-req: ISM 6021) (3 credits)
ISM 6436 Operations and Supply Chain Processes (3 credits)
ISM 6136 Data Mining (Pre Req QMB 6305) (3 credits)
Or any elective pre-approved by the Director of the Muma College of Business Masters in Management.

Electives– 4 credit hours minimum

MAN 6930 Management Internship (3 credits)
GEB 6445 Social, Ethical, Legal Systems (2 credits)
MAN 6147 Leadership/Management Concepts (2 credits)
MAN 6726 Strategic Business Analysis (2 credits)
GEB 6457 Ethics, Law, and Sustainable Business Practices (3 credits)
ISM 6328  Information Security and Risk Management (3 credits)
ISM 6436 Operations and Supply Chain Processes (3 credits)
MAN 6256 3 Politics and Control in Organization
MAN 6905 Independent Study (1-3 credits)
MAR 6216 Logistics and Physical Distribution Management (3 credits)
MAN 6599 Logistics Systems & Analytics (3 credits)

Elective courses may be selected from additional management courses or (with prior approval by the academic advisor) other areas of specialization such as sociology, information systems, psychology, or communication. The following courses are potential electives, depending on semester and offerings. Any course offered in the concentrations not selected by the student may also be taken as an elective.

Practicum Option (1 to 3 Credits)

The practicum option requires students to work on an applied project related to management / project management. Typically this can occur at the student's place of employment and is jointly supervised by a faculty member and a manager in the company. One credit of MAN 6905 would be taken for each semester to a maximum of three credits over three semesters. The practicum would count for 1-3 hours of electives.

Research Paper Option (3 Credits)

The research paper option requires students to work on an scholarly publication related to management. Typically this means that the student picks an academic supervisor, picks a scholarly research topic, conducts literature survey, designs a research method, collects data, analyzes the data, and writes a research paper. The student then presents it to a committee and uses their feedback to revise the paper and submit to one of the peer reviewed conferences in the management or related disciplines. The research paper option (MAN 6905) will count for 3 credit hours of electives.