Master of Science in Hospitality Management

Industry Scholarships

The Objective

The objective of hospitality industry scholarships is to provide financial support to individuals who are pursuing a career in the hospitality sector. The aim is to encourage and facilitate the growth of a highly skilled and diverse workforce in the industry. Hospitality scholarships are intended to help individuals with a passion for hospitality to achieve their academic and career goals by providing funding for education and training programs.

By offering these scholarships, we hope to create opportunities for individuals to develop the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the dynamic and exciting world of hospitality.

Expectations for Scholarship Recipients

Rocky the Bull

  • Scholarship recipients must be enrolled full time (9 hours for Fall and Spring semesters).
  • Scholarship recipients must make satisfactory annual progress towards the degree as determined by the relevant bodies.
  • Scholarship recipients must receive a satisfactory assessment by the industry partners.

Each year, several new scholarships will be available for students. Each award will consist of a Scholarship that will come with an Out of State Tuition Fee Waiver, the value of this scholarship is approx. $18,000 for two years. 

Each award will be for one semester and renewable for an additional semester, contingent on successful academic performance.

Our internship coordinator will help you be placed with one of our partner companies in the Tampa Bay area. These internships are mostly paid and will pay between $13 - $25/hour based on your experience and qualifications.

Total Value of the Scholarship *

Out-of-State Tuition Waiver $18, 000 (approx.)
Industry Stipend (Annual) $13 – $25/hour based on your qualifications

*  These numbers are subject to change.

Nomination and Selection

To be eligible for consideration for a scholarship, prospective students must meet the previously outlined criteria or been accepted to the Master of Science – Hospitality Management Program, and be nominated by the School Dean and Graduate Program Coordinator.

For more information or to show your interest in being nominated for a scholarship, please contact us.

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