Master of Science in Management

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the application requirements?

The application requirements are outlined on the Apply Now link. 

Can I apply with a three-year undergraduate degree?

Applicants with a three-year undergraduate school that is not a part of the Bologna Accord must also submit an evaluation from a NACES member evaluation agency. Three year degree recipients from India must have graduated from a NAAC grade A or higher school. 

Do I need work experience in order to qualify for admission?

Though many current and past students have work experience, which is advantageous in subsequent job search and placement, it is not required for admission into this program. Students in this program have varied work backgrounds and different levels of experience. We review the entire portfolio when considering your application.

What does the admissions committee look for?

The admissions committee reviews each application for undergraduate transcripts, standardized scores (GMAT/ GRE, TOEFL if necessary), relevant work experience, two letters of recommendation, the statement of purpose essay and relevant extracurricular involvement. The statement of purpose serves as a writing sample; no separate writing sample is required.

Can I send my application information to the department for an evaluation before I apply?

The faculty director and assistant director of the program welcome inqueries but cannot review application materials and 'pre-admit' students to the program before the complete application is submitted and reviewed by the admissions committee. It is advised that applicants review the FAQs prior to sending an inquiry to the program team. 

Do I need to take the GRE or the GMAT?

Yes, these are essential components of the application. Applicants may however choose to take either the GRE or GMAT. 

What is the minimum accepted GRE/GMAT score?

Admissions staff evaluate the whole application, not a single score. However, in recent years, most successful applicants have typically had GRE scores above 305 and GMAT scores in the 530+ range. For more information about this, please contact Stacee Bender.

I took the GRE/GMAT a few years ago. Will I have to re-take the test?

GRE/GMAT scores are only valid for five years.

Can I get the GRE / GMAT requirements waived?

Those with three or more years of relevant work experience may request a waiver by completing the work experience waiver form on the apply now tab and uploading it to with the online application. Requests will not be considered until ALL other application materials have been provided (transcripts, resume, recommendation letters, and statement of purpose). 

Those who graduated from USF, FSU, UF or any AAU school with a 3.5 or higher cumulative GPA, may request a test waiver by completing the GPA waiver request on the apply now tab and uploading it to with the online application.  

Do I need to take the TOEFL? What is the minimum TOEFL score?

The TOEFL exam may be waived under certain circumstances (for example, if your undergraduate program's medium of instructions was in English and this is noted on your transcripts). Current information can be found at the USF Graduate School language requirements web page and the graduate application requirements page.

What code do I use to send test scores to USF?

The institution code for USF is 5828 and applies to all tests administered by ETS (GRE and TOEFL). More information can be found at the graduate applications requirements page. For the GMAT, the school/program code is VP9-M4-17.

Can I defer my admission if necessary?

Applicants can request a deferment of up to one year by emailing Stacee Bender

Can I transfer from another university's master's program?

Students interesting in transferring to USF should apply using the same process as all other graduate applicants. If admitted, the Master of Science in Management program advisor will review transcripts for possible transfer credits. Only courses completed with a B grade or better can be considered.

Can I email the MS MAN academic services administrator with further questions?

  • First review this FAQ document completely. To make the best use of both our times, if we have addressed your question here, we will direct you here anyway
  • Follow the links for additional information from other departments at USF
  • Send questions to the appropriate department (the academic advisor cannot help with specific questions about residency, I-20s, immunization, etc.)
  • Include your full name and U # in the subject area (header) of all email correspondence


How does the application process work?

Applications are accepted by the USF Office of Admissions and are sent to the department for evaluation when the required documents (soft copies of resume and statement of purpose (PDF format), transcripts, two letters of recommendation, and test scores) have been attached to the online application. It's best not to submit your application until you have all documents ready. Once the applications are complete and the application fee paid they are evaluated by the Muma College of Business as well as the specific department and, finally, by the Office of Admissions. This can take a few weeks to a month, depending on application volume.

What are the application deadlines?

The deadlines listed below are the university-wide application deadlines. Programs may have priority deadlines and so applicants should check their intended program for that information. Deadlines by Program

What if my application is late by a few days after the deadline?

The application will be available until the university deadline. Applicants who miss that deadline should apply for the next available term and then contact the Graduate Office to request that the application be considered for the previous term. This is not guaranteed, but staff will do everything possible to consider application for the first-choice term.

How do I apply for this program?

Apply using the online graduate application.

What does a strong application look like?

  • Strong GRE / GMAT test scores
  • Strong undergraduate transcript
  • Some relevant work experience
  • Strong TOEFL/ IELTS scores (international students only)
  • Two page (maximum) resume clearly identifying your technical work experience (with start and end dates, most recent first) and undergraduate major and grades.
  • Two page (maximum) statement of purpose incorporating the following topics:
    • What accomplishment (personal or professional) are you most proud of?
    • Any special challenges you have overcome?
    • Why do you want to enroll in our program?

The statement of purpose is used by the admissions team to learn relevant information that may not be conveyed by tests or "numbers." Please use this opportunity accordingly.

Are there any special application instructions?

Scan all required documents and attach them to the online application. All documents should be in PDF format. Do not send any hard copy documents when applying. Once an admissions decision is made the USF Office of Admissions will contact applicants for any required hard copies. Direct questions related to the online application process to Graduate Admissions.

How can I check my application status?

Yes, applicants may review admissions status online. Note that if the status reads that an application has been 'referred' to the department, this just means it has left the Office of Admissions. It is reviewed by several other departments before a final admission decision is made.

I have questions about the online application, who should I contact?

Below are some common application questions. If you have other queries concerning the online application and required documents, they can be directed to the Graduate Studies academic program specialist via email at

  • What should I do if my GPA is not scored out of 4.0 points? Just estimate GPA; staff review transcripts for and evaluate grades.
  • My credits are calculated differently, as I am an international student - what should I enter? Just estimate! Staff will not look at this field for international students.
  • The application asks about a certification, do I need this? This refers to College of Education graduate students only. This program does not require a certification.
  • The Office of Graduate Studies websites mention sending hard copies. Should I do this? Again, please attach all required documents to the online application. Do not send any hard copies until an admissions decision has been made.
  • How many letters of recommendation do I need to send? Two letters are sufficient and they can be from workplace supervisors or undergraduate professors.


How long will it take to complete my degree requirements? Can I complete the program in one year?

The program requires 30 credit hours of coursework and may be taken either full-time or part-time. Courses are scheduled such that interested full-time students can complete the program in one calendar year (fall, spring and summer).

I just got admitted. What do I do next?

The program advisor will provide registration instructions once admissions have been finalized. In the meantime, applicants should complete any other requirements that are outstanding with the university such as immunizations, immigration, etc.

Can I complete the program online?


What courses are included in the MS in Management program?

The curriculum is outlined in the graduate catalog at this link

How many classes do students take each semester?

Students may choose to take any number of classes each semester, subject only to scheduling constraints. It is recommended that full-time students take three or four courses (9-12 credit hours) every semester. International student are required to carry at least nine credits in order to maintain their immigration status (except for summer and graduating semester). Students working full-time often choose to take fewer classes each semester to balance work and study.


How much will the program cost?

Florida has one of the lowest costs nationwide of completing an academic degree. Total estimated program costs can be found at the USF admission website or the Tuition and Fees web page. As of July 2015, total estimated costs for two semesters range from $26,000 for domestic students to $37,000 for out-of-state students. The 'cost to attend' calculator may offer additional information. 

Are there any scholarships or graduate assistant positions available?

Scholarship information can be found at the Office of Graduate Studies scholarship web page.

International Students

Where can I find information about required TOEFL / IELTS scores?

The Office of Graduate Studies has a webpage with this information

Can I get practical training while in the program?

Students may participate in curriculum practical training while in the program. Students must follow the guidelines.

I'm an international student, where can I get help on the documents needed to attend USF?

Information for International Students can be found at the Admissions Information for International Students website and the International Services website.

I have never traveled abroad before. What resources are available to make my initial arrival comfortable when I reach USF?

Following the American spirit of self-help, many student organizations on campus do their best to make students' arrival and early days as pleasant as possible. Examples include the USF Friends of Internationals Ministry, a faith-based organization.