Master of Science in Supply Chain Management

Curriculum Guide

Below are the topics discussed in our programs courses, the official descriptions can be found on the program catalog page.

SCM 6006: Supply Chain Management

Topics: Management of financial, technology/information, and product/service flows, financial analysis within the supply chain, cash to cash cycles, bullwhip effect, sales and operations planning, supply chain collaboration , forecasting/planning supply and demand, systems analysis and network design, SCOR model of supply chain, customer service and satisfaction, ERP, CPM and CPFR, Collaboration and Coordination, Mercury Gate, Metrics, Order processing and fulfillment, Datex WMS technology training, supply chain resilience and antifragility, project management, contracting and negotiation, global end-to-end supply chain (Additionally, this course may be taken as a part of the business study abroad program).

SCM 6206: Logistics Systems & Analytics

Topics: Financial Analysis and performance measurement, omnichannel supply chain, product design, process analysis, manufacturing, supply chain design, relationships, information technology, materials management, inventory planning, SAP Logistics Modules technology training, Tableau training for data visualizations.

SCM 6169: Sustainable SCM & Reverse Logistics

Topics: People, Plant & Profit, Reverse logistics and circular supply chain process, components of reverse logistics, disposition options, remanufacture, recycle, reengineer, reuse, financial aspects and performance measurements, sustainability, sustainability reporting, govt regulations and compliance issues, best practices and future trends.

SCM 6200: Logistics & Physical Distribution

Topics: Logistics Management, customer service, purchase and procurement, transportation, Less-than-truckload transportation (i.e., freight imbalance), transportation regulation and deregulation, transportation management systems, multi-modal transportation, Mercury Gate TMS technology training, inventory management, warehousing, Datex WMS technology training, material management, omnichannel logistics, global logistics, 3PL and 4PL.

GEB 6527: Lean Six Sigma:

Topics: Define, Measure, analyze, improve and control, lean management systems, data-driven problem-solving technique designed to identify and address inefficiencies in a process (DMAIC), partnered with Uber Freight for hands-on training and certification in Six Sigma.

ISM 6156: ERP & BPM

Topics: ERP Systems development, marketing info systems and sales order process, production and supply chain management information systems integration, accounting and HR in ERP, process modeling, process improvement and ERP implementation, RFID, business intelligence, mobile computing and the cloud, hands-on training with SAP.

SCM 6935: Seminar

Topics: Innovation on latest technologies explored and applied, artificial intelligence, machine learning, digital twinning, robotics in manufacturing and order fulfillment, lean manufacturing, quality management, inventory management, micro-fulfillment, strategic sourcing, Power BI.

ISM 6436: Operations Management

Topics: Quality management and quality improvement methods, independent and dependent demand theory, process design and analysis, fuzzy data sets, forecasting, optimization.

BUL 5842: Risk Management & Legal Issues

Topics: Corporate governance, risk strategy/management and legal/regulatory compliance including analysis of significant laws and regulations directly affecting business. Topics covered in this course will include risk, risk strategy, risk measurement, risk mitigation, residual risk, cyber risk, basic information assurance and cybersecurity, internal control, basic auditing principles, business writing and legal/regulatory compliance. International money laundering statutes as well as fraud, corporate governance, bribery and corruption and sanctions arising from the administrative enforcement model as well as the judicial enforcement model. Cyber risk and cybersecurity are covered with an emphasis on international issues. Risk assessment procedures required by the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

MAN 6147: Leadership Management

Topics: Understand, apply, analyze and evaluate significant theories, concepts, and principles of leadership.

SCM 6955: Capstone

Topics: Students apply all accumulated knowledge on a real-life supply chain management project with a company/organization, forecasting, project management, sustainability, procurement, distribution, acquisition, health services, finance.