Bellini Center for Talent Development

Career Development & Coaching

The Bellini Center’s certification program provides a progressive path for USF Muma College of Business students to prepare for successful entry into the workforce after graduation.  Beginning with foundational skills and knowledge in the areas of professional and career development, successful participants progress to the mastery level indicating their readiness to transition from USF to their professional careers.

Career Development Stages

General resume review 

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Coaching and Advising

Students are supported in their professional development through one-on-one coaching with experienced career professionals.  The coaching supplements and reinforces the skills and concepts introduced in the program with individualized support, while also addressing student-specific interests and objectives.

The Bellini Center Career Coaches will use their knowledge, experience, and commitment to equip students to develop and achieve their career and professional development goals. We aim to ensure every graduate of the Muma College of Business has the opportunity to successfully compete for the job and career they want within three months of graduation.


Marla McQuay, M.Ed., Ed.S.
Career Coach

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Support for the following majors: Accounting, Finance, Personal Financial Planning, and Supply Chain Management

Neal Yates, MPA
Career Coach

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Support for the following majors: Entrepreneurship, Global Business, Management, Hospitality Management, Marketing, Advertising, Information Assurance & Cybersecurity Management, and BAIS (Business Analytics and Information Systems)

Program Director
Bellini Center for Talent Development
Doug Meyn, M.Ed.
Office: TV 200