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Applying for the Degree Applicable Internship Course - 4940

This application process is ONLY for 4940. If you would like to apply to an internship course other than 4940 please click here.

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Step 1

Students should send the appropriate web address listed below to their employer or internship supervisor. The form must be completed and submitted online for review of a potential internship.

NOTE: Having an internship offer from an employer or host is required for this course.


Please Note: It is important for your internship approval process that this form be completed by the Employer only.

Unpaid Internships

Special Procedures for Unpaid Internships

Important: Starting Fall 2021, unpaid internships will be reserved for nonprofit organizations and entities, and for international internships.

For all unpaid internship at a USA based non-profit organization the organizations (or entity) has to sign the agreement with USF.

For unpaid internship at an USA based non-profit organization or international for-profit/non-profit internship please contact your internship course instructor or the School director for your major.

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Step 2

The course instructor will review the Internship Employer Agreement and determine if an internship is approved.

  1. Internship Permit Request - once the internship has been approved by the course instructor, an email will be sent to the student that contains the internship permit request.

    Course Instructors:
  2. Receive Permit – within 24-48 hours of the permit request, the permit will be posted in the student's OASIS account under "Registration Status."

  3. Enroll in the correct section – verify the schedule, credit course, and course number.
    Note: Any student who has not gone through the Internship Approval Process (step 1 above) may be dropped from the course.

  4. Course Requirements – meet all the course requirements to earn the grade.