Accounting Minor

Students majoring in Business may minor in Accounting. The requirements are:
  1. The course requirements are as follows:

    Course Title Cr. hr.
    ACG 3103 Intermediate Financial Accounting I 3
    ACG 3341 Cost Accounting and Control I 3
    ACG 3401 Accounting Information Systems 3
    TAX 4001 Concepts of Federal Income Taxation 3
    Total 12

  2. A grade of "C" (not C-) or better must be earned in each of the four upper-level accounting courses taken. A grade point average of 2.00 or higher must be achieved in all minor course work. All attempts will be included in the GPA unless grade forgiveness has been used. Only one grade forgiveness may be used in the minor.
  3. All 12 credit hours must be taken in residence at USF - Tampa.