Personal Financial Planning


Military veterans are uniquely qualified to succeed in the financial services industry, specifically as Certified Financial Planners:

  • You have a level of discipline that equips you well to operate in an autonomous environment.
  • Having served on a team of teams, you understand uniquely how to employ resources and coordinate efforts, both synchronous and asynchronous.
  • If you were an E-5 or above, your ability to think critically at the strategic, operational, and tactical level gives you the ability to understand contextually and makes you more situationally aware than most advisors without military experience.   
  • Finally, your sense of service and willingness to push through obstacles will propel you through those tough initial years of building your book of business.

I challenge anyone to find a better and more rewarding career path that offers:

  • Unlimited earning potential (without the travel requirements of most high-paying careers)
  • An autonomous business environment
  • Service that has a clear and direct impact on your clients
  • Opportunity to shape your career to tailor-fit your life and family
  • Knowledge that will better your own financial standing as well as that of your clients

"Follow Me" to this uniquely rewarding career. Follow me to continued life-changing service. Follow me to the Personal Financial Planning Program.